Eid Adha Mubarak

(مسجد ، مدرسة ، نادي شبابي ) سبعة وعشرون عاما من العطاء والدعوة


Sheikh Kassim bin Mohammed Al Thani  Charity Association 

 (Mosque, School, Youth Club)

More Than 27 years of experience in serving the community & Dawa


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We are delighted to announce that

Our Android (mobile) app is now available on Google play


Jumuaa Prayers For Summer time as follows

1st Jumuaa @13:15

2nd Jumuaa @14:15

Please be on time

And follow security instructions 

Download your copy of timetable ((Here))


We’ve established a new service 

“Khutbah’s English Translation”

We pray that our beloved  Brothers and Sisters will benefit from it 

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We are pleased to publish a new app

Please make sure that you updated to the latest Ver.

designed for android devises

Samsung, huawei , Pixel,HTC,  ……etc

Download the app on Google Play (( Here ))

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Or download an app called (my local mosque)

Our Services 

That we provide to our beloved community

Conducting Islamic Marriage (Nikah)

Mayfair Islamic Center conducts the Islamic marriage if the the conditions are met and the requirements are available, read more in the services section

Islamic divorce

Mayfair Islamic Center validate the Islamic divorce based on some conditions Please read more in the services section

New to Islam service

We look after our new reverted brothers and sisters through providing some teaches, Islamic advices

Q and A service

Our knowledgeable qualified Imams can answer the Islamic inquiries during the office working hours


Our Library is opened every Friday After Khutbah Please check the opening hours

Lectures and lessons

Our center offers various daily lessonsLectures between Maghrib and Isha prayers, in addition to a short talk after  Dhuhr prayer

(1st Floor)

(Ground Floor)